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Sabre 2001 - Has been Cancelled.

SABRE 2001 is a bicycle tour of southwestern Pennsylvania, and in particular the small rural and farming communities southwest of  Pittsburgh. Cycle SABRE and see western Pennsylvania's orchards and fields filled with autumn's red, orange, and yellow trees while the October skies are still clear and a fresh breeze fills the air. SABRE consists of three alternate routes for cyclists of all abilities – a challenging metric century (65 miles), a shorter but still hilly 35 route, and a gentler (but not flat) 15 mile ride. Join 1,000 other cyclists for the eighth annual SABRE!


SABRE 2001 starts and finishes in Settler's Cabin Park at the Moccasin Picnic Grove.  Settler's Cabin is an Allegheny County Park between Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Airport. Pick up registration packets containing map, rider number and related items before starting your ride. Registration opens at 7:30 am. There will not be a mass start – please feel free to start as soon as you register. However, the following starting times are recommended so you will not be too early (or late!) for any of the rest stops.

65 mile  8:30 am 
35 mile 9:30 am
15 mile 10:30 am

The 35 and 65 mile rides include two rest stops with snacks, but don't fill up too much, because instead of finishing the Tour and simply going home like so many other rides, we will be waiting for you with the famous SABRE picnic at the Cayuga Picnic Shelter. If the Autumn breeze is chilly, we'll be sure to have something to warm you up! !


A sag will pick up those who can't finish due to bike problems or fatigue. You and your bike are expected to be in good shape for the ride. And please ... carry a spare tube.


$12 postmarked by September 18, 2000; $17 thereafter and on the day of the ride. (Please note that T-shirts are not included in the basic price.)


T-Shirts are available for $8: Only riders who pay for a T-shirt with their registration by September 18th will be guaranteed to receive an SABRE shirt on the day of the Ride. However, there should be a limited number of shirts for sale on the ride day (mostly L and XL).


AYH requires all cyclists in this event to wear an approved bicycle helmet. Look for helmets meeting ANSI Z.90 or Snell B90 standards.

Sponsor and Proceeds

SABRE 2001 was sponsored by Hostelling International Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Council, American Youth Hostels) and was the sister tour of the Mon Valley Century in late August.

Proceeds from SABRE 2001 benefited the former Pittsburgh International Hostel on Warrington Fund and are being used to support the Pittsburgh International Hostel in the Allentown section of Pittsburgh. The hostel opened June 5, 1997 and has already hosted thousands of visitors from around the world.  

To Get an Application:

If you've ridden in previous SABRE Tours or the Mon Valley Century, or in recent Great Rides, you should be receiving an application in the mail. (Brochures will be mailed to our mailing list around the end of August.) Otherwise, call 412-431-4910 for an application or e-mail AYH.


From Pittsburgh and the east, take I-279 (the "Parkway West") to the Campbells Run Road Exit. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left, turn left again at Bishop's, and follow signs to the Settlers Cabin Park Wave Pool. From the west, follow Route 60 east from the cloverleaf with Route 22/30, pass Robinson Town Center, take the first right to Campbells Run Road and continue until the right turn at Bishop's. From both directions, continue under the parkway, turn right up the hill; and take the first right onto Ridge Road. Parking will be available at the Wave Pool, which is just a short bike ride from Cayuga Shelter. (Follow the signs to the "Picnic Groves"; Cayuga Grove is the second driveway on the right.) Note: there won't be any parking available at the Cayuga Shelter.


If you're not up to riding, or if you'll be waiting for someone who is, or you just need to spend some time outside on a beautiful Fall day, consider volunteering. Call or e-mail AYH for more information.

"To provide inexpensive educational travel, intercultural understanding, and an understanding of the natural environment through hostels, hostelling, and outdoor recreation."

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